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What a fantastic time we all had at Twyford’s Got Talent and the Extravaganza. The new format of ‘Royal Variety Performance’ was universally successful, and the quality of the performances was outstanding. Well done to all those who performed and to those who auditioned. The Extravaganza felt wonderfully relaxed again this year; the weather was kind as well. There was only one moment for me that was less relaxing: when a certain Year 8 boy shot his penalty wide of the goal and scored a direct hit on my camera lens – I was just pleased that I had my camera up in front of me, or I might have been nursing a broken nose. More penalty training before you get to Eton, please Freddie!  These two TPA events had massive support from very willing teams of organisers among the parents, and I really want to express my appreciation for the work done to prepare for, and then to run Twyford’s Got Talent and the Extravaganza.

After over four years of waiting, we have finally been visited by ‘The men from the Ministry’. Our Regulatory Compliance Inspection covered 171 separate regulations and 71 policies, with Inspectors meeting many staff and children in interviews, lesson observations and meals. As I indicated in my email announcing the Inspection on Monday, this type of Inspection produces a fairly clinical Report: a list of the regulations and whether they are ‘met’ or ‘not met’. The results of the Inspection are embargoed while the report is written and then follows a process of quality assurance (including being sent to us for factual accuracy checking). To all intents and purposes, the Report will be available as the new academic year begins in September. We will send it out to all parents as soon as the final version is received by us.  I am allowed to say that the Inspection went well, and that the Inspectors commented that they were delighted to have the opportunity to look closely at Twyford School. The children were polite and engaging, and enjoyed talking with Inspectors about their lives here.  I want to express my thanks to all the staff, who have endured my endless exhortations to have documentation ready for the inevitable arrival of this team of Inspectors – for whom we have been in a state of readiness for four terms! The actual process of Inspection was very smooth; partly because we were so well prepared, but mostly because the staff really are excellent, and the children do enjoy their experience here.


Many parents will know that, over the last 18 months, Governors have been reviewing options to ensure the School campus supports our needs, and current scale, over the longer term. We are now in the early stages of discussions with the various planning authorities.    While these discussions may, of course, result in significant changes in implementation, we are keen to share our early thoughts with parents and the local community.  With Sports Day tomorrow (1 July) being an occasion when most of the parent body will be on-site, we will be mounting a small display of some drawings in the Jimmy Adams Pavilion throughout the day, with the Bursar and a number of Governors on hand to talk parents through the outline strategy.  Please do come along to view the display and to discuss the broad vision developed by Governors in close consultation with teachers and Senior Leadership. We will be presenting these thoughts to the Twyford Parish Council at their July meeting.

A week ago I had the pleasure of handing out certificates to a significantly large group of children who had seen success in their Lamda drama examinations. I am sorry that I did not remember to share this in last week’s Twyford Link. Well done all of you!

This has been an absolutely jam-packed week in all parts of the School, even without the additional requirements of the Inspection Team. English Speaking Board exams have taken place, alongside ABRSM and Trinity music exams. We have had Modern and Tap dance show, and later in the week, a Ballet show. Year 5 put on their home-grown plays to a packed Upper School, and Hursley Swing Band performed along with our own Twyford Jazz Band. We welcomed a team from the South African school, Cornwall Hill, and managed to get the game completed even with start-stop rain. Years 5, 6 7 & 8 had their Inter-House Swimming competition on the same afternoon that Year 4 boys did Bushcraft.  Through the week, Year 8 have been thoroughly enjoying their Shakespeare Workshop, and I believe their various scenes are taking shape. We are looking forward to the performance next Tuesday.  Somehow, on Tuesday we also managed to welcome almost all of those children who will join us in September, as well as operating our ‘Moving Up Day’ – when children go to their new classrooms and spend time with their new form teacher. Looking at all this, it seems far too much to fit into one week, but it seemed to work perfectly well!

We have our hopes set for fair weather tomorrow, for Sports Day. Please do take a moment to look at the images of the Governors’ strategic campus plans, in the Sports Pavilion between 9.30 am - 1.00 pm.

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        23/06    To: Prep/Pre-Prep;  From: TPA;  Re: Second Hand Uniform Shop

        23/06    To: Prep;  From: Mr Crook;  Re: LAMDA

        27/06    To: Year 4 Parents;  From: Mr Riddle;  Re:  Life in Year 5

        27/06    To: Year 4 Boys’ Parents;  From: Mr Smith;  Re: Bushcraft 28th June

        27/06    To: Year 3 Parents;  From:  Mrs West; Re: Pick Up Today

        27/06    To: Year 3 Parents;  From: Miss Goldstraw

        27/06    To: Year 5 Parents;  From: Mr Brett; Re: Life in Year 6

        28/06    To: Years 4-8 Parents;  From: Mr Lewis;  Re: Boarding

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