Termly Fees

From September 2018


Pre Prep 

Nursery (Terms 1 & 2)   £1,946
Nursery (Term 3)   £3,174
Reception, Year 1, Year 2  £3,651
Year 3        £5,424
Years 4-8    £6,503
 Weekly  £8,184
Regular Flexi
 3 nights per week   £137
 2 nights per week  £96
 1 night per week  £49
 Occasional  £52

If you are planning to change from day to boarding, we would be grateful for as much notice as possible.  If you are intending to remove your child from boarding, please note that a minimum of half a term’s notice is required. 

Sibling fee discounts

A 5% sibling discount is offered for the third and subsequent children attending the School.

Optional Extras - Paid in Advance
Insurance Schemes

Scheme Purpose Cost Remarks
PERSONAL ACCIDENT INSURANCE This insurance is obligatory and 
provides a substantial sum in compensation if a child has a serious accident.
No charge
Included in fees 
FEES REFUND SCHEME This scheme refunds to you a per diem amount of your termly fee should your child be away from school for longer than 5 days (day pupil) or 8 days (boarder). Maximum cover is 3 terms.  Day pupils:
1.3% of fee
Boarders: 1% of total fee Billed 
Autumn term

We recommend that you read through the policies and consider their relevance to your family circumstances.  Should you wish to opt in to the fees refund scheme, please let the Bursary staff know as soon as possible so we can amend your bill.

Optional Extras - Paid in Arrears

Extra suppers £2.50 per night
Emergency mouth guards £1.75
Exam Fees e.g. Common Entrance A/R
Tuition materials and any special materials required  A/R

Childcare Vouchers
The School accepts childcare vouchers.  Under the current scheme we can accept the vouchers against specific items on your bill and would expect payment at the start of each school term.  

To make things easier we have prefixed the description of any allowable activity with an asterisk on your termly bill.   The Government is looking to replace the current childcare vouchers scheme so please consult with your employers childcare voucher provider.  If you would like more information please contact the Finance Office who will be happy to help or talk you through the process.

Other Fees

 Registration Fee  £50
Charged when a pupil’s name is first registered for entry into the School.   This fees is non-refundable.
 Confirmation Fee  £1000
Payable upon the acceptance of a firm offer of a place and retained in the general funds of the School until the pupil leaves. It will be repaid by means of a credit without interest to the final payment of fees or other sums due to the School on leaving, unless stated otherwise in the Terms and Conditions or unless the parents wish to donate the confirmation fee to the School. The whole confirmation fee is forfeited if the child fails to take up his/her place after it has been accepted.


Parents are advised that it is very difficult to fill a sudden vacancy at short notice.  We must ask therefore that a full term’s notice be given of the intended withdrawal of a child from the School, failing which the succeeding term’s fee will be payable in full.

It is the policy of the Governors to review fees annually, changes taking place for the Autumn term.   However, they reserve the right to increase fees or impose surcharges at other times if circumstances warrant it. Fee increases are normally notified to parents at the end of the Summer term.  

Twyford fees are regularly reviewed and benchmarked with the aim of maintaining affordability and good value.  The day fees includes tuition, activities at school, two-course lunch, games and prep, textbooks, pupils’ personal accident insurance, denplan, travel and accommodation when representing the school.   The boarding fee includes all of the above plus breakfast, hot / cold buffet supper, healthcare and laundry.