Art & Design Technology

The Art and Design departments are housed in light, spacious purpose built studios. Twyford pupils are encouraged to explore and nurture ideas to produce paintings, drawings, sculptures, models and ceramics.  We ensure pupils explore and utilise all manner of media to become aware of the possibilities that stimulate the creative mind.
Children are given opportunities, both in the classroom and on school trips, to investigate and develop a number of personal skills to create images and artefacts.

In Year 6 potential art scholars and pupils with high interest and ability are invited to join the Extra Art evening sessions. Here they develop their own style in an environment conducive to exploration and absorption.

Design and Technology is centred on focussed practical tasks using a ‘design and make’ approach towards problem solving activities. In the workshop each project increases in complexity and requires the pupil to learn new skills and techniques. These include traditional hand skills through to Computer Aided Design and laser cutting.

Each year pupils are regularly entered for competitions including designing and building a go cart for the Greenpower Challenge at Goodwood race track, which we have won twice in the last five years.