Bob Wickham Legacy Society

In the long history of Twyford School, Bob Wickham's contribution probably stands above all others. Inheriting the School from an uncle, he became Headmaster in 1937 when the School was in desperate trouble. Through skill, dedication and hard work, he turned the School around and served it as Headmaster, and then as teacher and pastor for the rest of his life. Not only this, but during his tenure, he transferred the ownership of the School to a Charitable Trust, thus ensuring its long-term future.

Launched in 2012, The Bob Wickham Society consists of a group of Old Twyfordians, parents, staff and governors who wish to benefit the School by leaving gifts in their wills. In doing so, they honour the memory of Bob Wickham and his wife Betty and help ensure Bob's legacy at Twyford School continues to benefit generations of pupils well into the future.

The inaugural luncheon of the Bob Wickham Society was held on the 23 May 2012. Future events will be held on an annual or biennial basis.