Faith & Ethos

Christian family values lie at the heart of Twyford School. The School welcomes children from a wide range of cultural backgrounds and all faiths.  Children in the Pre-Prep have a daily assembly along with a number of special services that take place either in the School’s beautiful Victorian Chapel or in the village parish church. Prep School pupils worship regularly in Chapel, experiencing a very traditional morning service with hymns, readings and sung responses. 

Parents are invited to share in those Prep School Saturday morning services when we have visiting preachers, and also to join us for other services, such as Harvest Festival and Carol Services. Younger children enjoy the traditional Nativity and other festive celebrations.

The School values are rooted in the Christian faith and form our guiding principles for our rules and relationships within the community.  They are:  

  • Respect
  • Kindness
  • Honesty
  • Friendship
  • Responsibility

Preserving the ethos of an English boarding school serves Twyford well. In our ever more secularised world, there is a need for children to understand how to develop tolerance, mutual respect and a charitable outlook. These values are firmly embedded in practice through our spiritual perspective. A deeper understanding of the origins and meaning of these values and expectations is gained through classroom lessons in Religious Studies and Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE). But by far the most important evidence is provided by the way we live our lives. We aim to ensure that all our children share in true family values, caring for each other and understanding and valuing difference.

We have no difficulty at all in actively promoting fundamental British values through all that we do and teach at Twyford. Pupils appreciate the crucial principles of tolerance, democracy, the rule of law and respect for all differences between people. Twyfordians emerge as individuals who can take an active role in society; challenging bigotry and supporting those who are in need.