Help disadvantaged children at the Compass School, Southampton:

In a conversation on Wednesday evening after judo, Sharon Baker (judo teacher) was explaining that she also teaches sport at the Compass School in Southampton ( ) which has a lot of extremely poor children who have often been excluded from mainstream education. She described how they come to sports lessons in the one pair of shoes they own (usually trainers which they also wear all the time),  their school trousers and a t-shirt. Generally, their families cannot afford to buy them any additional clothing, let alone sports kit.

It would be a very simple thing we could do to facilitate a collection of sports kit from the Twyford School community (Prep and Pre-Prep) for them. All of our children are constantly growing and very often parents are delighted if they can pass outgrown clothes on to a worthy cause – this would also not involve parents having to spend any money and be supporting something in the local area.

The children are boys and girls, aged 5 – 16 years.
They are desperately short of PE shorts (any sports shorts) and trainers.
They are also in need of t-shirts, sweatshirts, coats, sports socks/football socks and football boots

It doesn’t matter if the kit is branded (eg if it is outgrown external sports clubs kit); and we could make sure that any school labelling is removed.

Practical matters:

Please have a rummage and put together any suitable items. In the week after half term these should be left with Mandy Parker (Pre-Prep) and Susie Bellasis (Prep). They will be passed on to Sharon Baker to take to the Compass School.

I do hope that you feel it is something that the School would be able to support.

Best wishes,

Ronnie Cloke Browne