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We are back in action after a welcome half term break. I hope you have all had an opportunity of spending time with the family. The sports tour to Barcelona was very successful, and I understand the children were brilliant in their behaviour and courtesies. Mr Lewis assures me that they take no responsibility for the deterioration in the political situation in Catalonia…

Of course, we are also back to a number of less welcome aspects of our existence: some children in Year 6 and 7 have had to suffer pre-testing for senior schools, while a few others have had to complete the CAT tests, having been absent when they were taken before half term. One year group still has to do theirs altogether. As soon as everyone has finished, we will make the results available to parents via the Parent Portal, as usual.

Routine events have resumed: some 28 sports teams competed against Farleigh on Wednesday, with a few matches having to take place on Tuesday and Thursday due to pressure of pitches. Mouthguard fittings have been happening again today, in preparation for the boys’ switch over to rugby later this term.

Perform for Schools are here today, working with Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 to develop a dramatic representation of ‘The Gunpowder Plot’.

We are all looking forward to the TPA Fireworks Display this evening. A big thank you to those dedicated parents who have been working very hard to put it all together with our ‘home team’.

Please note that:

Any Prep children NOT attending the Fireworks need to be collected at 5.15 pm, and that the front gates will be closed off from 5.30 pm. All entry and exit after that time must be via Bourne Lane.

Coming up next week are two things I would like to bring to your attention: the Open Dance Lessons on Monday and Tuesday, and the talk by Henry Eliot on Friday of next week. Henry is an Old Twyfordian who is extremely good on his feet (I remember him as the first pupil at Winchester to write and direct a play at the Edinburgh Fringe while in the Lower Sixth at school…). He will speak about his latest book, an unusual travelogue titled ‘Curiocity’. Henry was recently on the Radio 4 quiz show ‘The Museum of Curiosities’. His talk will be full of humour and culture. Please do come. Details from Rebecca Andreae are below in this Twyford Link.


        General Information

        Shoebox Appeal

        the Shoebox Appeal deadline extended to Tuesday 7th November 🎁🎄. 

        Please get wrapping!!

        Thanks The TPA.


        Emails sent to parents this week:

        30/10   To: Prep Parents; From: Mrs Johnston; Re: Memorial Service

        30/10   To: Prep & Pre-Prep Parents; From: Mrs Johnston; Re: PWG Meeting on 11/11

        30/10   To: Prep & Pre-Prep Parents; From: TPA; Re: Shoebox Appeal

        31/10   To: Years 3 & 4 Parents; From: Mrs West; Re: Bonfire Night Arrangements

        01/11   To: Prep Parents;  From: Mlle Pidebois; Re: Poppies Appeal

        02/11   To: Prep & Pre-Prep Parents; From: TPA; Re: Poppies Appeal Deadline Extension

        02/11   To: Prep  Parents; From: Bursar; Re: Bonfire Night Arrangements

        Dr Bailey's Enigma

        Answer to last issue’s Enigma:

        One silkworm eats 4800 leaves in one week!

        This week’s Enigma:

        I quite like lists. This week I would like you to do some research to make a list of a number of interesting facts:

        List the five Great Lakes of North America

        List the nine major planets of the solar system

        List the twelve signs of the zodiac

        List the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World

        List the nine Muses of Greek mythology

        List the Seven Deadly Sins

        List the twelve months of the French Revolutionary calendar

        List the kings and queens of Britain since 1600 (in the correct order!)

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