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May I please begin my piece today with an important concern about parental behaviour in Matrons' Room? We have become increasingly concerned that a number of parents are in the habit, when they come in to see Matrons, of asking children what is wrong with them. This is completely unhelpful and wrong (and none of their business)! Children come to Matrons' Room for medical and emotional care, in the same way that they may be cared for by a medical professional in a surgery. It is intrusive and often off-putting to have an adult other than their own parent asking what their problem is. Incredibly, we have even had instances this term of parents immediately getting their phones out and calling the parent of the child – alarming the parent and preventing our very competent staff from managing the situation.  In the end, it is possible that children will become reluctant to bring their troubles to Matrons if they feel there is a risk of another adult nosily becoming involved. Our teaching staff are clearly instructed never to ask a child why they are in Matrons' Room, and this should hold true for parents as well.  I am delighted that parents have such a great dialogue with our Matrons, perhaps on the limit of ‘just chatting’ a bit too much, but we must insist that this particular practice stops, please. You know that our Matrons are far too lovely to write like this, so I must give this message!

This is a period of time when we have numerous schools giving results of pre-tests. One consequence of the shift in many schools to pre-test earlier, is that more Year 6 pupils are having to manage the information and occasional disappointing news. While we must keep helping them to anticipate how they may feel, it is essential that parents continue also to advise their children on how to take good news modestly, but also how to manage potential disappointment.

The entrance exam results from KES were released this week, and I am delighted to be able to announce that Anna Spearing has been awarded an Academic Scholarship, and Monty Randle has been awarded a Sports Scholarship.  In this morning’s post was a letter from Godolphin informing us that Megan Palser has won an Academic Scholarship as well.  Congratulations to all three; well done indeed!

We embark on our week of half term today. I wish you all a happy and healthy break. Please persuade those coughs and colds away.

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        Here are four facts about four ladies:

        a.Rose earns more than Miss Crimble, who lives exactly six miles from Ivy, who lives directly south of Miss Sayers

        b.Olive earns more than the research chemist, who lives directly east of Ivy

        c.The archaeologist earns more than Miss James, and Hazel earns more than the market analyst

        d.The research chemist lives directly north of Miss Marsh, who lives exactly ten miles from Rose, who lives exactly four miles from the optician.


        Which lady earns the most? Which lady is the market analyst? How far apart do Hazel and Olive?

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