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It is so lovely to be able to open my editorial with more news of successes for our pupils. Although we have congratulated the following in Assembly already, we have not yet celebrated in the Twyford Link the Sports Scholarship won by Dominic Hall to Winchester College; a Music Scholarship and an Academic Exhibition to Portsmouth Grammar School awarded to Robbie Stone, the Sports Scholarship awarded to Jemima Berry at Queen Mary’s School, Thirsk and the Sports Scholarship awarded to Amelia Lott at Bradfield College. What marvellous announcements to be able to make. Well done! Additionally (as if it could get any better…) I have heard this week that Jamie Loudon, who left Twyford last summer, has been awarded a Music Scholarship at Bedales School. Well done Jamie.

A different kind of congratulations was offered to more than half of the Prep School at my Monday Assembly: the music CD ‘Wassail! Carols of Comfort & Joy’, with the three commissioned Twyford Carols written by Alexander l’Estrange, has won the Classic FM 2018 Best Classical Music Educational Initiative Award. This CD includes a number of other works by Alexander l’Estrange, but it is wonderful that our Senior Choir are part of this recording. You will remember that we commissioned the carols for the Junior Carol Service in December 2016, when the Junior Choir sang so wonderfully – with the composer in attendance. For the recording the Senior Choir came in to school before the start of the Autumn Term to rehearse and lay down the necessary tracks. The total involvement has included approximately 120 children! Once again, Mr Hall must take credit for having the idea for the commission and for preparing the children, both the Junior Choir a year ago, and the Senior Choir for the recording. Of course, you may now want to buy a copy of the CD; please contact Mrs Todd in Music School for availability, or it is available on iTunes (see l’Estrange, Wassail! Carols of Comfort & Joy).

Although we have been suffering cancellations of activities due to the weather, it was great to welcome Matt Dawson, former England Rugby player, to Twyford on Wednesday. Matt spoke to Years 6, 7 and 8 about healthy eating and his sporting career,  as well as serving food in lunch. He then finished off his day’s visit by running a rugby skills session for Year 8. I know that there were just as many members of staff in awe of him as there were children. Well done to Dean, our Head Chef, for arranging Matt’s day with us; Matt Dawson is a Sodexho Ambassador.

By the time you receive this edition of the Twyford Link you will have heard that we are having to keep the School closed until Monday, as a result of the heavy snowfall and dangerous travel conditions. We do not ever take these decisions lightly, and always put the safety of pupils and staff ahead of any brash notion of ‘toughing it out’. I hope this doesn’t cause too much inconvenience. We look forward to getting back into action on Monday morning.

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    Dr Bailey's Enigma

    Answer to last week’s Enigma: The only absolute conclusion you can draw from the total number of statements is: I cannot read any of Brown’s letters.

    This week’s Enigma:

    I always find it interesting to understand where an English word may have originated. Can you find out where these common English works have come from: some are from foreign languages and some are derived from Latin, Ancient Greek and Old English?

    1.Limousine                    2.Bravado

    3.Verandah                      4.Piano

    5.Yacht                           6.Plunder

    7.Tea                               8.Tycoon

    9.Algebra                       10.Bungalow

    11.Tattoo                        12.Igloo

    13.Whiskey                     14.Robot

    15.Assassin                     16.Kimono


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