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My presentation in this Monday’s Assembly centred on the subject of Kindness. I gave the example of a friend who has undertaken to complete a different challenge each week this year as a fundraising focus for a hospice near his home. Last week he took on the theme of ‘random acts of kindness’ – serving the purpose of my assembly. I think the children could grasp the sense that they should consider ways of being thoughtful, helpful and kind, especially when there is no obvious immediate gain to themselves that might result. This is, of course, in line with our School Values, but it might be interesting to talk this through at home…

I thoroughly enjoyed my morning spent in Pre-Prep this week; the very busy playtime and my getting to know the new children in the Nursery. I am reminded of the extremely well organised world of Pre-Prep, as well as the obvious high level of caring that is so obvious. I am just as convinced as ever that I would never survive this for long as my regular working environment!

Today Pre-Prep children submitted to the camera(s) in the Mulberry Pavilion as the individual and class photos were taken. Again, great patience was needed from the photographers and our own staff to get the best results. Thankfully there were very few children needing to check their image in the mirror before agreeing to be photographed. We look forward to seeing the results in due course.

We have had some excellent sporting fixtures in the past week, including thirteen football matches against Cothill, four hockey matches against West Hill Park, ten football matches and six hockey matches against Walhampton and four hockey and seven football matches against Prince’s Mead. There is more to come next week, most notable is Wednesday, when we will field 25 teams against Cheam. Great stuff!

Also next week we have the Year 4 trial boarding night on Monday – I wish them well (staff and pupils, of course).

All has gone quiet at Twyford now, as the Exeat has begun. I hope all families can enjoy this extended weekend and that children return with renewed vigour on Monday.

      Matrons Notes
        General Information

        Emails sent to parents this week:

        19/09   Fm: Mrs Dodson ;   To:  Prep Parents; Re: Harvest Festival Donations

        21/09   Fm: Matrons; To:  Prep Parents; Re: Missing School Jackets

        21/09   Fm: Mlle Pidebois; To:  Year 8 Parents;  Re: Trip to Caen

        22/09   Fm: Mrs Johnston;  To:  All Parents; Re: PWG Meeting 1/9/16

        Dr Bailey's Enigma

        Can you work out the name of each river or country from the following anagrams? Name lengths are shown in brackets.

        TRUE SHAPE (9)

        POLO IMP (7)

        IS GRIT (6)

        LINE (4)

        GET ZANY (7)

        TRIBE (5)

        HAS MET (6)

        A UBEND (6)

        SUMO IRIS (8)

        DRAGON IRE (3,6)

        Last week’s Enigma answer: 

        Well done to Poppy and Thomas Corbett for sending me their correct answers.

        Music Timetable

        A reminder to parents that the weekly music timetable for the lessons the following week can be viewed on the parent portal under School Life / Daily Bulletins.  This timetable is published every Friday afternoon.