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What a jam-packed week this has been! With Year 6 returning from France on Saturday afternoon, we were back to full compliment. After a valuable HM’s Drop-In session in the morning, I enjoyed umpiring the Highfield hockey matches in the afternoon.. Monday night provided Year 6 with their trial boarding opportunity, and this seemed to go smoothly, as the other year groups’ trial boarding has as well. Parents’ Evenings have filled this week, and I know this is appreciated by parents and teachers alike. As with last week, we have had another very full programme of music concerts this week: Piano on Tuesday, Guitar on Thursday, and Singing on Friday (with 23 singers performing!). Thursday saw the senior girls travel to Hurstpierpoint College for the IAPS Regional Hockey Tournament. They got through to the Semi-Finals but were nudged out at that stage. Not to be outdone, Pre-Prep children have managed to visit the Weald and Downland Open Air Museum (Year 1), Chandler’s Ford Library (Reception), and even Wagamamas in Winchester(Year 2)!

Parents will already have seen information about the iSAMS Parent App, via an email on Thursday. This promises to be an excellent resource for you to get information quickly and conveniently, on-the-go. Do please let us know how you are using it, and feed back on any problems you encounter ( Remember that the sports app (option to add app to your phone at ) is also a fantastic asset for sports-specific information – and up to date with team lists and venues.

I have become aware that children are too readily going to Matrons Room to ask to phone home for equipment and to confirm arrangements for pick-up etc. This is not at all what we should be permitting – children need to be organised, but please could parents be far more aware of checking that your children have actually got their essential equipment for the specific day ahead? There is an unacceptable number of telephone calls to ask parents to bring in: mouthguards, socks, trainers, ties, musical instruments, exercise books…  Children often deal with this as soon as they think of it – between lessons, or even during lessons – thereby interrupting their own learning, and often disturbing others when they have to enter rooms where a lesson has already begun. Of course, I am also alarmed that children are not clear about who is collecting them at times. Last minute changes can always be accommodated, but please clarify these things with children before drop-off. Of course, it is different if there is an unavoidable change in plan at our end; for which we will always help to make things work. With all of this, our Matrons are taken away from the crucial job they are really there for: looking after the health of our children. So, in summary, please get all these things checked and sorted before your child comes in to school. We will soon start to refuse children permission to make these kinds of calls home. They will have to suffer the consequences of not being organised.

Related to the above is a certain disquiet about parents doing everything for their children. For example, the majority of parents carry their children’s sports kit and other bags in to school on a Monday morning. This seems to apply equally to Year 3 and Year 8! Right from Year 3, children should be managing these things unaided. No parent really needs to take sports kit into the changing rooms – your child should do this. Ditto for musical instruments coming into Music School (although I might see the issue with a tuba or double bass).  Please consider the gradual insistence on independence on the part of your child. But do, by all means, use checklists and post-it notes at home to ensure they have everything they need before setting off for school.

As we ready ourselves for Half Term, the Senior Choir will set off on an exciting journey. Their target is Laon in Northern France, where they will be giving a concert tour, singing at Laon Cathedral, Lille Cathedral and St Tresain at Avenay-Val-d'Or. I am sure this will be a very valuable experience, and I look forward to hearing all about it on their return. There is a ‘post-tour concert on the first Monday back after Half Term, to which all parents and pupils are warmly invited. (6.45 pm).

Have a good break.


        Half term already, we can't believe it. We think children and parents are ready for it though!

        Please can we ask that you check all kit brought home over the break and ensure it belongs to your child, we have pupils looking for brand new named kit that has gone missing which is understandably very frustrating. Please pop anything found or any kit labelled Twyford School in to matrons.

        If you have children who have finished school at 4pm or 5.15 pm who cannot be collected when you have a parent's evening meeting for example, please alert matrons and don't just send your children to us at the end of the day. This is for their safety as we would not expect them to be in school at this time and we may not be able to supervise them. Woodpeckers after school club is available to be used in such instances for Years 3 and 4, provided they are not fully booked. This must be arranged in advance through Mrs Parker in the Pre-Prep. If there are any problems do however let the form teacher and matrons know and we will try to help you.

        Please contact your child's form teacher by email and Susie Bellasis in the office ( before 5.15pm if you know you are going to be late,  giving them advanced notice enables us to get the message to your child. However, after this time or if you do not get a response, please alert matrons and we will endeavour to pass the message on.

        Please be aware though  that it is not always possible for us to leave matrons' room in order to find your child and deliver the message.

        If there are any day pupils left in school at 6pm, they will be supervised by duty and boarding staff down in the dining hall with the boarders.

        You will need to come down to the dining hall and sign them out with a member of staff.

        Matrons' room closes just after 6pm and our boarding matron Mrs Matraves- Scott then takes over the care of the children.

        Our email is or you can always call and leave a message if we are unavailable.

        We hope that the senior choir have a fantastic trip and that you all have a healthy and happy holiday.

        Thank you for all your support this half term,

        Alison, Caroline, Gill, Jan and Susie            matrons photos


        Open Dance Lessons

        Parents, grandparents and carers are invited to come and watch your child’s dance lessons on Monday, 7 and Tuesday, 8th November.

        Monday, 7th:

        9:50am Year 2 Tap in Upper School, 1:15am Reception/Year 1/Year 2 

        Modern in Upper School:  12:15pm Reception/Year 1 Tap, 12:45pm  Years 3 – 5 Tap in Upper School 

        Tuesday, 8th:    

        8:50am Beech in the Pavilion, 9:20am Holly in the Pavilion, 9:45am Nursery in the Pre-Prep Hall, 3:00pm Year 1 in the Pavilion, 3:30pm Year 2 in the Pavilion, 4:15pm Year 3 in the Pavilion, 5:15pm  Year 4 in the Pavilion, 6:15pm Years 5 – 8 in the Pavilion

        Emails sent to parents this week:

        13/10 To: All Parents Fm: TPA Re: Shoeboxes Appeal

        10/10 To: All Parents Fm: TPA Re: Shoebox Appeal

        08/10 To: All Parents  Fm: TPA Re:  Fireworks Spectacular

        13/10 To: Year 5 Parents :  Fm: Mrs Dodson Re: Spellings

        Dr Bailey's Enigma

        Answer to last week’s Engima:

        The first and last letters of each word in the top list are consecutive, so STUDENT is the correct word.


        This week’s Enigma:

        Can you work out the items of food or drink from the following anagrams?

        Word lengths are shown in brackets.

        RAW INERT MEAL (7,5)

        AWFUL RECOIL (11)

        IN REAL EGG (6,3)

        A MOTTO (6)

        CRIED (5)

        RICH EAT OK (9)

        CHANGE MAP (9)

        A SUGAR SAP (9)

        RE A JUG ON ICE (6,5)

        EMU LEG (6)

        EAT (3)

        COOL CHEAT (9)

        REGAL (5)

        PUB TUNE TREAT (6,6)

        CAR DUST (7)

        ORDER PIG (8)

        PAST EIGHT (9)

        CRACKPOT INLAW (5,8)

        CHEAP (5)

        A TROPIC (7)

        Shoebox Appeal

        I hope you all received the Shoebox Appeal leaflet last week in your childrens' school bag, if you would like to prepare a shoebox please could you bring it in before this Friday and leave it by the piano in Prep or with Mrs Parker in Pre-Prep.

        Many thanks,

        The TPA

        School Diary