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While we were all watching the snow fall in and around Winchester from Thursday onwards, a magnificent group of seven Twyford mums was enduring a most taxing challenge in completing the Everest in the Alps expedition. What an amazing undertaking, but also at a time of dreadful weather! It is hard to imagine the preparation and ultimate discomfort that these strong-willed people have had to go through. Together with a significant support and logistics team, the intrepid ladies achieved the incredible feat of skiing uphill 2.5 km per day, raising more than £100,000 through sponsorship for the Everest Centre, which is financed by the Brain Tumour Charity. I recommend that you visit the website for the full story. Well done ladies!

It is a great pleasure to be able to announce yet another scholarship: many congratulations to Anna Spearing, who has been awarded an Academic Scholarship to St Swithun’s School.

Music exams have been underway this week, with the ABRSM ones now completed. I am sure everyone acquitted themselves brilliantly; it is just a nervous wait because this exam board’s results take a few weeks to come through. The Trinity Guildhall exams are being finished today, and candidates will know almost immediately how things went!

All our trips and activities have been back on track this week: Year 2 to Winchester Cathedral, Nursery to Ampfield Woods, Year 3 to Butser Ancient Farm, Year 2 to Moors Valley Country Park and Reception to West Wood! With a very extensive sporting programme, including IAPS National Netball Finals for the Under 13 team today, most pupils have had plenty of fresh air this week. We will have more news of today’s competition in the next issue of the Twyford Link.

We set off for an Exeat today, but with Year 5 and Year 6 enjoying a TPA Disco before they depart.

Have a great weekend.

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      Dr Bailey's Enigma

      Answer to last week’s Enigma:

      1.Limousine French                   2.Bravado Spanish

      3.Verandah Portuguese              4.Piano Italian

      5.Yacht Dutch                            6.Plunder German

      7.Tea Chinese                             8.Tycoon Japanese

      9.Algebra Arabic                         10.Bungalow Hindustani

      11.Tattoo Polynesian                  12.Igloo Inuit

      13.Whiskey Gaelic/Celtic           14.Robot Czech

      15.Assassin Arabic                      16.Kimono Japanese

      This week’s Enigma:

      A phobia is a fear or dread of some particular thing. Can you find out what these phobias relate to?

      1. Agoraphobia                          2.Bathophobia

      3.Claustrophobia                        4.Cynophobia

      5.Ergophobia                              6.Nyctophobia

      7.Phobophobia                            8.Phonophobia

      9.Scopophobia                            10.Xenophobia