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Well, the Autumn term is fading into the background – but the wonderful music of the Carol Services lingers in our ears. The Carol Service readers each spoke flawlessly and with real meaning; the choirs were enthusiastic and inspirational. For the Junior Choir it was particularly special to have the composer of the commissioned carols, Alexander l’Estrange, with us (I could see him singing along on the balcony to each piece!). Just as the Junior Choir delivered these new carols with verve and gusto, the Senior Choir sang with more maturity than we would have expected from children of this age. Mr Hall, always one to challenge us in our music, selected anthems that tested all aspects of the children’s musical ability. Not to be outdone, he arranged several of the anthems, and composed and wrote the words for one himself.  Our Chaplain, David Owens, deserves praise and thanks for his detailed planning, and for preparing everyone through our daily Chapel services in the weeks leading up to these events. Lastly, we are grateful to Rev Jonah Watts and Twyford St Mary’s Church, for welcoming us.

Always sad to see members of our staff leave us, we have said our farewells today to our three excellent Gap Assistants. Most children have got to know them very well – boarders more so than others. They have worked hard, shown great maturity for recent school leavers, and have taken naturally to the caring and empathetic outlook we require from those in this position. Thank you Grace, Ted and Jess. We wish you well. Another colleague who is leaving us is Amy Mitchell. Amy has added much to the lives of those she has worked with, and to the children. Initially balancing both assisting in the classroom and working as a Sports Assistant, Amy more recently has dedicated her time fully to the sport. She has now decided to follow a career path that takes her away from schools, but will keep her in coaching. Good luck for the future, Amy.

I hope you can all have some real family time together over this holiday. Merry Christmas.

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        Emails sent to parents this week:

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        3/12    To All Parents      Fm TPA  Re: Second Hand Uniform Shop

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        Autumn Term House Points Results

        Dr Bailey's Enigma

        Last week’s Enigma answers:

        1. Happiness to the Global Ecosystem: Joy to the World

        2. Small male percussionist: Little Drummer Boy

        3. I am experiencing nocturnal visions of a colourless holiday: I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas

        4. Festoon the corridors: Deck the Halls

        5. A non-summer fairytale area: A Winter Wonderland

        6. Oh holiday conifer: Oh Christmas Tree

        7. Ten plus two twenty-four hour periods of holiday festivity: The Twelve Days of Christmas

        8. Hey! tiny city in Israel: O Little Town of Bethlehem

        9. In a remote location in a barn stall: Away in a Manger

        This Week’s Enigma


        Which one of the following words belongs in the list above and why? BEAUTY, GADGET, PHRASE, STUDENT, TAILOR.

        2. The seven people in this puzzle have a birthday today. Peter is twice as old as Gloria, who is three times older than Linda, who is five years younger than Tom, who is twice the age of Susan, who is twice the age of Jake, who is six years younger than John. Their combined aged is 100 years, so how old is each person?


        In this puzzle, each letter represents a different number. Can you work out what number (0-9) each letter stands for? The leftmost letter cannot be zero in any word.