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Firstly, may I warmly congratulate Oliver Reynolds and Marcus Cloke Browne on their success in the Winchester College Election (Scholarship) examinations this week. Both were given Academic Awards: Oliver has chosen to go into College with his Scholarship, and Marcus has chosen to go into Moberly’s, so his award is called an Exhibition. Both awards are of equal academic standing.  These are great accomplishments.

Last Friday twelve pupils in Year 7 set off for what was a fascinating and demanding two day Science Camp at the Met Office Headquarters in Exeter, accompanied by Mr Welham and Mrs Clarkson. I know that this generated great interest, and we will certainly look to repeat this experience next year. More information about  the trip is given elsewhere in this edition of the Twyford Link.

Our first Saturday included a Headmaster’s Drop-In session, which I have come to enjoy very much, and 18 sports matches against Westbourne House. The weekend immediately led into Winchester College Election and Eton King’s Scholarship exams, occupying most waking moments of four boys. I know they will be relieved to have completed all these requirements now. Winchester Entrance exams are next in the sequence: starting on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, Pre-Prep have embarked on Health and Safety Week. This has given us scope to bring a fire engine into school (currently spraying water everywhere, much to the delight of the children), as well as looking at a wide range of other aspects of keeping safe.

On Tuesday, ten girls form Year 6 attended the Downe House Prep Schools’ Day of Musical Drama. They joined 150 girls from nine prep schools in a busy and rewarding day of icebreakers, singing, dancing and acting, leading to an abridged production of the Lion King. I know that the girls thoroughly enjoyed the day, and I am sure they came away with a good deal of new knowledge and experience. Thank you to Mr Hall and Miss Baker for taking the trip.

Wednesday presented another packed day for sportspeople: 21 sports teams competed, mostly against Farleigh, but also at the U10 Canford Cricket tournament and the U13 Westbourne House rounders tournament.

The next day was one for the mathematicians, with the UK Junior Maths Challenge being competed for in the morning.

Next week begins (after Monday Bank Holiday) with a welcome back to Sir Teachalot, who will work with Year 2. Year 5 will depart for their Twyford Explorers trip to Ferny Crofts, which I know they are very excited about. Later in the week we have the Lamda exams taking place, so we wish those candidates well. As next week ends, we have the our Middle School Family Service with Rev Jonah Watts of Twyford St Mary’s. All parents are welcome: coffee is served in the Mulberry Pavilion from 8.00 am, with the service starting at 8.30 am sharp.

This term’s Talking Heads visiting speaker is Mr Ben Vessey, Headmaster of Canford School. This is taking place on Monday May 15th. We have a change of title for this presentation from “Education, Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Teaching"  to “What is the Essence of a Modern Education?”.  Drinks will be served from 7.00 pm. Do please come along.

In the staff meeting this week, the issue was raised of birthday party invitations being handed out during the school day (either by staff who are being asked by parents to distribute them or by the children themselves) is causing upset among those that are not receiving an invitation.  Teachers feel that it would be helpful if no invitations are to be handed out at school, please, so as to avoid any unnecessary upset among the children not included in a party. I know that this may make for a more demanding process on your part, but you will understand that we must not allow children to be made more anxious by what may be a convenient system.

We are sorry that we will be saying farewell to two of our teachers at the end of this term. Mrs Morgan and Mrs Dodson have each decided to move away from teaching, and are each going to pursue exciting and worthwhile challenges in the near future. We wish them well, and will take opportunities to celebrate their massive service to Twyford later in the term.

Have a good Bank Holiday.

      Matron's Notes
        General Information

        Phone System:

        We are constantly striving to improve communications and recently implemented Clarion Call so we can send bulk text alerts such as match cancellations or delays.  The Twyford School sports website and app continue to be updated with weather and/or time changes.     

        We have also upgraded the school phone system so that calls to the main number (01962 712269) are taken by Susie Bellasis, the School Secretary and, if she is unavailable or engaged, pass to another member of staff or, if not answered, to voicemail.  On weekdays, after 5.00 pm (12.30 pm on Saturday), calls are now automatically routed direct to the matrons’ room and after 6.30 pm on a weekday, calls are routed to the boarding matron.   As a result of these changes, we no longer need option numbers on the main phone line. 

        Emails sent to parents this week:

        19/04  To: Yr 7;           From: Mrs Clarkson;  Re: Calshot

        20/04  To: All Yrs;       From: Matrons;  Re: Jackets and Ties

        20/04  To: Yr 7;           From: Mrs Clarkson;  Re: Calshot Kit List

        24/04  To: Yr 8 Girls;  From: Matrons;  Re: HPV Immunisation

        24/04  To: Yr 4;           From:  Mr Mathar;  Re: PP Calshot Presentation

        25/04  To: Yr 7;           From:  Mrs Johnston;  Re: House of Commons Trip

        26/04  To: Yr 8;           From:  Mrs Clarkson;  Re: Trip to Rockley



        Dr Bailey's Enigma

        English challenge

        Can you write a sentence for each word below, clearly showing correct use of the word, and its meaning:















        Did You Know?

        .....Found in the school pond. Do any inquisitive pupils have an idea what this bright orange animal could be? I promise, it has not been photo shopped or altered in any way. Suggestions to Mr Brown at

        Family Chapel Services:

        This term, we are holding family services in Chapel on:

        Saturday, 6th May for Middle School, when the speaker will be Revd J Watts:

        Saturday, 20th May for Upper School, when the speaker will be Revd J Hunt.

        Refreshments will be available before the services, in the Mulberry Pavilion. The services start at 8.30 am.

        We look forward to welcoming you.

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