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Firstly, it is wonderful to be able to congratulate all those who took Common Entrance, on their success across the board. This means, of course, that every member of Year 8 can enjoy the last stages of their Twyford experience, secure in the knowledge that they know exactly where they are heading in September. Well done!

Year 8 return from France tomorrow afternoon, having spent the whole week in the warmth of the Bordeaux region. They have been very busy with canoeing, sailing, windsurfing, mountain biking and expeditions to massive sand dunes. I understand from our staff members that everyone has slept well every night…

At the start of this week Year 6 also had their own expedition; for them it was not the long journey to the South of France, but to a vast wooded area near Oxford, to the Bushcraft Centre. They built on experiences already gained through our progressive programme back at Twyford, and extended themselves in campcraft, trapping, firefighting and many other skills. Plenty of teamwork and character building. We intend to make this a slightly longer trip for Year 6 in future.

Life was not altogether calm back at School, though, as Wednesday saw a pirate invasion! I was greeted first thing on Wednesday by an authentic looking (and sounding) scoundrel, who wished to sign in. I understand that Reception then had a really stimulating Pirate Workshop through the day.

Musicians in Year 4 and Year 6 have been engaged in concerts this week. A total of 32 children performed solos or duets in these concerts. Once again we were reminded of the great depth of ability through the School, and the work that must go on behind the scenes in lessons and practice. I would encourage you to support a concert next Thursday, 22nd June, by Imogen Baker, our Music Gap Assistant, accompanied by David Hall. The concert is taking place in Twyford St Mary’s Parish Church, starting at 7.30 pm.

Year 6 have been putting finishing touches to their group displays for today’s Make it Real Game exhibition in Upper School. This is a great project, with children having to research and present information about a specific country. There are awards for various categories of the work and the display. It is colourful and informative.

Over the last week and this week, children have been involved in competitive athletics. This has included the Farleigh Meeting and Junior and Senior Wessex Championships. In the Junior Wessex competition, we had 8 athletes reaching the finals on the track: Mariella Whittle (75m), Alistair Reid-Thomas (Hurdles), Jasper Richardson (200m) Thomas Lineker-Bennett (200m) with the following placing 1st, 2nd or 3rd; Alice Clegg 1st (100m), Arthur James-Duff 1st (hurdles), Annie Clegg 2nd (75m), Eliza Bristowe 2nd (200m), Ollie Wheeler 3rd (75m) and Isaac Claisse 3rd (800m). In field events there were similarly strong results: Poppy Corbett 1st (high jump), Poppy White 1st (throw), Eliza 2nd (throw), Alistair Reid-Thomas 2nd (throw) Arthur James-Duff 3rd (long jump). Relays produced some spirited and skilful races: Year 4 boys relay came 1st (Ollie Wheeler, Zach Goulding, Barney Gillooly and Isaac Claisse, and Year 5 boys came 3rd (Thomas Lineker-Bennett, Will Perkins, Oscar Kendall and Alistair Reid-Thomas). In the Senior Wessex, our results were very impressive: Relays - 1st Yr 6 boys, 2nd Yr 6 girls, 3rd Yr 7 girls and 4th Yr 7 boys. Particular mention should be made of Alexander Claisse, who won both 100m and 200m 1st, as well as coming 2nd in the high jump (after a ‘count back). Alexander was awarded the prize as Best Boy Athlete out of all the schools. Other results: Lucy Perkins, 800m 1st and 3rd in 200m; Lili Chaplin- Rogers, discus 1st; James Johnson, discus 1st; Will Roberts, 800m 2nd; Mia White, 200m 3rd; and Ned Wolfe, 200m 4th. The winners of their events will go through to the National Finals.

This is an Exeat Weekend, so school finishes at 5.15 pm today. Have a good weekend.

      Matrons' Notes
        General Information

        Sunhats and sun cream                   

        We are all enjoying the wonderful sunshine but must ensure all children throughout the school are protected from the dangers of the sun.

        All children in Nursery to Year 2 need to bring their Twyford Legionnaires hat to school every day.

        All children in Year 3 to Year 8 need to bring their Twyford baseball cap to school every day.

        Hats are available from Giraffe: Tel:  01489 783858 in navy blue and sky blue.

        Hats must be worn at break times, on trips and during outdoor sessions.  Please also apply sun cream to your children every day in hot weather.

        Emails sent to parents this week

        12th/13th/15th June: To: Yr 8 Parents; From: Mrs Clarkson; Re: Rockley news

        13th June; To: Prep Parents; From: Office; Re: School Photographs

        13th June; To: Prep Parents; From: Mrs Johnston; Re: Drugs Talk

        15th June; To: Prep & Pre-Prep; From: Mrs Johnston; Re: Notes of PWG Meeting

        Summer Camp

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        Dr Bailey's Enigma

        Answer to last week’s Enigma:

        1.      Half of them

        2.      9, 11, 13

        This week’s Enigma:

        Can you change one letter in each word to make a sensible English phrase?

        1.      ODD RATHER TAME

        2.      PET RICE QUACK

        3.      NIGHT END MAID

        4.      JELLY FOOD YELLOW

        5.      HONEY FOX HAM

        6.      LOST BUN GOT FEAST

        7.      LANCE FUR JOB

        8.      WIND LOOSE CHASM

        Did You Know?

        Answer to last week's Did You Know?: 

        The fish tank in Mr Hall/Mrs Todd/Miss Baker's office! It has hard water, lots of rocks, plenty of hiding places and a sandy substrate - ideal for Mr Hall's Mbuna Cichlid fish which come from Lake Malawi.

        This week:

        In 2005 this member of staff played for Weston Park Boys school football 1st team, playing right wing (year 11). His team managed to get to the National Schools Cup final, after 15 difficult rounds against teams all over England. Southampton FC let them have their 1st team coach for the day and they played the final at Selhurst Park (Crystal Palace FC home ground) against a school from Liverpool infront of 2,000 fans. They won the final 3-0 making them the National Schools champions for that year. 

        Can you spot him in this photo?!

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