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The sun has been shining brightly all week, and it was very fitting that yesterday we should enjoy the Pre-Prep’s show: Rainbow Spectacular. Almost 200 adults sat enthralled as a very competent and well-rehearsed cast of more than a hundred children sang and danced on the stage in the Sports Hall. I was very impressed with the poise and delivery of even the very youngest, all looking like they were enjoying themselves rather than being overawed by the occasion. I know that staff have been working hard with the children through the past few weeks, and the performance was a tribute to the dedication of all Pre-Prep staff. In particular I would like to thank Claire Smith for taking on the key role of directing the whole project; with Louise Wood bringing the singing up to a brilliant level; Lucy Hutchings managing the choreography; and Jenny Hall and the Year 3 Art Club for designing and making the great rainbow backdrop. With our new staged seating to add to the wonderful staging, we feel we are definitely able to support productions of this quality in future. Well done!

We received the results of the National Junior Maths Challenge last week. There was a good range of Gold, Silver and Bronze awards among our performers, and I want to mention the highest scorers for Twyford in order of performance: Gold - Sophie Kelly [Best in School], Lucia Kendall, Poppy Johnson, James Jenkins [Best in Year 6], Alistair Cliff [Best in Year 7 - joint], Anna Spearing [Best in Year 7 - joint], James Fairley. Congratulations to all these pupils. I may point out the brilliant result for James Jenkins, who came 4th in the whole School, although ‘only’ in Year 6. Well done to all these and other participants.

Our inaugural House Song Competition lifted our spirits on Wednesday morning. This new format allowed for greater attention to the singing competition, separated from the orchestral element. It was always going to be a challenge for the houses to bring together all year groups from Year 1 to Year 8, plus House attached staff. But the outcome was tremendous. Using the staged seating in the Sports Hall as risers for the ‘massed choirs’ was very effective, and the acoustics were really rather good. Each house performed with gusto, some had a good grasp of the words and others were less secure. But the addition of a bit of choreography and even costumed mascots/jesters from Year 8, made for a thoroughly entertaining morning. We welcomed Scott Cooper, Director of The Grange Festival, as our judge for the event, and he was super: encouraging and positive in all that he said. Our continued connections with The Grange Festival are very positive, with Hector Taggart and Jack Stone working very hard in rehearsals for this year’s professional production of Benjamin Britten's Albert Herring, for which they successfully auditioned for a principal role. More information is available about this year’s production at this link

It was a pity that we had to postpone the Internet Safety talks with Karl Hopwood this week, but his illness (a bug?!) was unfortunate. We are rescheduling.

I hope you can all enjoy a restful time with your families. Have a good half term.

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        General Information

        Twyford's Got Talent - Extension of Deadline for Entries

        Thanks to all the children who have submitted their application forms.  If anyone decides over half term that they would like to enter – good news. The deadline for entries has been EXTENDED to Friday 9 June. Auditions for the show will be held  9th-16th June.  Successful applicants will be notified week commencing 19th June. Download your form here.

        The show will be held in the Sports Hall.  We can promise a wealth of talent from the children, a cute Pre Prep Act and we can’t wait to see what the teachers will produce after last year’s side splitting performance.  Entrance is free for all parents and carers.  Come and support your children and their friends. 
        The TGT Production Team
        On behalf of the TPA

        Emails sent to parents this week:

        24/05;  To:  Year 8;        From:  Mrs Clarkson     Re: Passports for Rockley

        24/05;  To:  Year 7;        From:  Mrs Johnston;   Re: House of Commons Postponement

        25/05;  To:  All School; From: Mrs Johnston;    Re: eSafety Talks Cancelled

        26/05;  To:  Prep;          From: TPA;                  Re: TGT




        Dr Bailey's Enigma

        Answers to last week’s musically-themed Enigma:
        1.    Which song gave Madonna her first No 1 hit? Into the groove (1985)
        2.    Since featuring in the film Rocky III, which song has been closely associated with boxing? Eye of the Tiger (Survivor)
        3.    Which famous piano-playing singer-songwriter is the featured pianist on ‘I can’t tell the bottom from the top’ by the Hollies? Elton John
        4.    Who is hidden in this anagram: LISP SEVERLEY? Elvis Presley
        5.    Which planet did David Bowie sing about in the early ‘70s? Mars
        6.    Which song has topped the UK singles charts a record four times, firstly by Jimmy Young in 1955, the Righteous Brothers in 1990, Robson and Jerome (the Headmaster’s cousin!) in 1995, and Gareth Gates in 2002? Unchained Melody
        7.    What links: Jimi Hendrix, Mark Knopfler, David Byrne and Paul Simon? Left handers who played guitar right handed

        This week’s Engima is all about career-connected puns:
        1.    What happens when a dentist and a manicurist disagree?
        2.    How does a sailor get his clothes clean?
        3.    Why is an auctioneer always busy?
        4.    Why are bakers greedy?
        5.    Why was the archaeologist a failure?
        6.    Why are waiters good at sums? What kind of clothes do solicitors wear?


        Summer Camp
        booking form
        School Quartet Concert

        Come along and enjoy music by Mendelssohn, Kabalevsky and Pleye played by Sophie Kileff, Louisa Paterson, Robbie Stone and Mrs Wood on Friday 9th June in the Mulberry Pavilion                at 7.00 pm.  All welcome.  Refreshments will be served outside at the end of the concert.

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