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With Year 6 away at their Chateau in France, we have had a slightly quieter week; not that they are necessarily a noisy cohort – just that there has been a bit more room as we move around, and more leisurely lunchtimes! They return tomorrow.

Immediately following on the success of Eva Stuart at Marlborough, reported last week, I was delighted to be told that Imi Nichols has been awarded an Academic Scholarship for the sixth form at Canford!  She has performed consistently well through her career there so far, ending Year 11 with GCSE results of 7 A*s (including the new level 9 in English Language), and 3 As. Well done Imi – proudly flying the flag for Twyford.

We have been very well entertained in the Prep this week, with three concerts. Children performed in a Brass and Percussion concert on Monday, Strings performed on Tuesday and Woodwind today. We look forward to this series of concerts taking us through the Piano concert (Tuesday), Guitar (Thursday) and Singing (Friday). We are very privileged to have such great performers among our pupils.

Of interest to a number of parents will be the announcement this week that Winchester College is to offer its first Sports Scholarships from September 2018. If you are interested in finding out more, please contact Gregg Lewis, our Director of Sport.

We have said farewell this week to Mrs Jan Stillwell, one of our Day Matrons. Jan has served Twyford for many years, and I am sure all children will remember her fondly for her kindness and consistency in looking after them. We wish Jan well in her retirement, although we have put her on alert for ‘cover’, as she only lives a few miles away. Thank you Jan for being such a crucial part of our Pastoral Team.

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        Link to Hope Shoebox Appeal 3rd November 2017

        The TPA are once again supporting this worthy cause and leaflets will have come home with your children this week. If you would like to, please fill a shoebox and leave it by the piano in the Prep School or with Mandy Parker in the Pre-Prep by 3rd November. Many thanks,

        The TPA


        Emails sent to Parents this week

        28/09  To: Year 7 Parents;  From: Mrs Clarkson;   Re: Courtesy Letter

        03/10   To: Prep & Pre-Prep Parents; From: TPA; Re: Fireworks

        03/10  To: Prep & Pre-Prep Parents; From: Mrs Johnston; Re: PWG Meeting Notes

        04/10  To: Prep Parents; From: Mr Owens; Re: Chapel Service Dates




        Dr Bailey's Enigma

        Mike, Josh and Clara are all different ages, and they have recently adopted a pet each. They have bought their pet a coloured toy. Using the clues below, can you work out how old each person is, which pet they have and what colour toy they have bought for their pet?

        Clue 1. The youngest person adopted a rabbit, the oldest person adopted a dog

        Clue 2. The red toy does not belong to Clara or the rabbit

        Clue 3. The dog was given the blue toy

        Clue 4. Josh bought the white toy

        It will be helpful to use a grid to enter the solutions as you go along.

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        U10A & B Cranleigh Netball Tournament Winners

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