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As you can see from the main photograph above, our Year 8 pupils had an amazing trip to London this week. The morning was spent in the Tate and the afternoon in the Houses of Parliament. Some thoughts and impressions are given elsewhere in this edition of the Twyford Link, but I would highlight the brilliant new Education Centre in the Palace of Westminster as being a fantastic new asset. It was also great to meet up with Steve Brine MP, who always takes the trouble to make contact and have a chat with our pupils. We hope to be able to get him back this year to sit in on a meeting of our School Council, as he has done in the past.

Once again, we managed to put out 28 teams for the various matches on Wednesday against Highfield, Walhampton, and the St Edward’s Hockey Festival. This is a great feat for our scale of school. However, we know that Wednesdays don’t work perfectly for everyone, and we have a working party looking at how we could do things better for the very small numbers not involved in matches.

School Council elections have been taking place, and new representatives will be meeting with their form groups to gather material for the first full meetings.

Another event in Pre-Prep is the individual photos taken today. Although they knock-out a whole day effectively, it is great to see how efficiently the process works.

The week has ended slightly earlier for Prep children, with a 5.15 pm departure for the first Exeat of the term.

I hope everyone manages to get a bit of rest and returns ready for action again on Monday.

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        Dance news

        Well done to Miss Gemma and many of our Twyford Ballet children who took part in a show at The Point in Eastliegh on Sunday 17th September.  “Feel the Music” featured performances by three different schools of dance across the age ranges.

        Our children spent a long day rehearsing but gave it their all! They loved being back on stage in full costumes and make up and performed exceptionally well.

        Emails sent to Parents this week

        21/09  To: Year 7 Parents;  From: Mr Welham;  Re: Art & Maths trip to Oxford

        21/09  To:  Years 3-8; From: Mr Owens; Re: Changes to Chapel Services

        Dr Bailey's Enigma

        Answer to last week's Enigma:

        Turn on the first switch and wait for a while. Turn off the first one and turn on the second. Go into the room. One bulb is shining, the second bulb is hot and the third one nothing...

        This week’s Enigma:

        You will need to think "differently" to solve this puzzle.

        Can you divide a cake in 8 pieces with three cuts?

        U13 Highfield Hockey Tournament Winners

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