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Would you believe it? I was staggered to hear from Matrons about the additional pressures they are put under by parents asking them to pass on messages to children. At first I thought this might include some very reasonable requests relating to changed pick-up times or a late-arranged dental appointment, but too often these messages are completely unnecessary. For example, I wonder whether you can believe a parent recently asked us to seek their child during their school day to inform them that it would be spaghetti bolognese for supper (a true example)! Or that the watch that couldn’t be found before coming to school had now been found at home. At times, Matrons can have up to ten children waiting to see them, but these additional distractions make it all the more difficult to see to the welfare of our charges. We have become used to instantaneous communication and information flow. Phone calls to Matrons should only be on medical matters. Visits to Matrons Room by parents should only be on medical matters or to sign a child in or out. Anything else should be addressed to Susie Bellasis at the School Office, please. In the last three years, we have actually doubled the number of staff on duty in Matrons Room, yet things are not very much easier. Our children have become more dependent than ever, but there are also too many non-essential interruptions. If you have read this far, you will know that I am asking for your help: please don’t ask us to disturb your children with messages once the school day has begun, except in real emergencies. Our Matrons are far too nice to say this to you…

I am delighted to be able to extend more congratulations. Firstly, to all those who have been successful in their entrance examinations to KES. Among them are additional honours: to Lucy Walker, who has been awarded a Drama Scholarship, and to Sophie Kileff, who has been awarded a Music Scholarship and also an Academic Scholarship. We congratulate Jude Organ on being awarded a Sports Scholarship to Canford, and also to Lily Hawkins, who has been awarded a Sports Scholarship to Millfield. Well done to all.

Year 4 enjoyed a big adventure on Monday: visiting Highclere Castle, rounding off their study of the Egyptians. Of course there is always much interest from this trip because, as well as having been the home of the 5th Earl of Carnarvon, who sponsored and accompanied the excavation that discovered the tomb of Tutankhamen in 1922,  the castle was also the set for Downton Abbey.

The biggest event of the week was certainly the new format House Music Finals on Wednesday; split into three phases of two year groups at a time. I must stress the very high level of performance from the 36 soloists from the six age groups in the Final. However, I am sure that nerves took over in more than a few cases, so as to make some performances feel less secure than they had been in the Semi-Finals. I thoroughly approve of the new format, permitting a much increased entry. I look forward to the new Singing Competition format, especially with the ‘threat of staff joining their houses, along with all year groups from Year 1 to Year 8! (Winning house photos from the Music Finals here).

Have a great half term.

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        Stevensons Uniform Sale

        Stevensons will be in school on Thursday, 16th March from 2:00 – 6:30pm in the pavilion.  They will have all their usual range of uniform including summer dresses and cricket gear ready for the summer term.

        Summer Hand Uniform Sale

        There will also be a second hand uniform sale on Friday March 17th at 8:15am in the Second Hand Shop.

        TPA Year 5 & 6 Disco

        click here for ticket application form

        Emails sent to parents this week:

        11/02   To: Yr 5 Boys’ Parents; Fm: Mr Lewis; Re: U10 Rugby at Stroud

        14/02   To: Yr 6 Parents; Fm: Mr Smith; Re: TWY Explorers Trip to Bushcraft

        14/02   To: Yr 5 Parents; Fm: Mr Smith; Re:  TWY Explorers Camp Parents’ Briefing

        Dr Bailey's Enigma

        This week’s Enigma: 
        Can you put the right letters on the green cubes below so that each vertical column is a three letter word, and the centre horizontal row spells the name of a familiar sea creature?

        Did You Know?

        Answer to last week's "Did You Know" is Mr Parsons.

        This week's Did You Know?

        When Mrs Stamidou is not teaching Latin at Twyford School, she can be seen driving her inflatable speedboat around Portsmouth Harbour and in the Solent. She is quite keen on speed so watch out! The name of her boat is "Echo Mike", but what does it stand for?

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