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We have celebrated today with our Prep and Pre-Prep Harvest Services. In St Mary’s Church, the Pre-Prep children sang and spoke with such confidence and enthusiasm!  The generosity of parents has been wonderful – thank you so much for supporting the work of the Winchester Churches’ Night Shelter. It is all being brought together for collection later today.

Our banner photo today shows the amazing achievement of three Old Twyfordians, Jimmy Adams, Joe Weatherley and Felix Organ, all of whom played recently in the same Hampshire 1st IX team against Middlesex. This is a remarkable occurrence for any school, but it may well be unique for a prep school! Congratulations to them (and a pat on the back to Twyford for producing these cricketers).

Further celebration is also due, because I have heard this morning that Eva Stuart, who left Twyford just over a year ago, has performed so well  in her first year at Marlborough College that she has been awarded an Academic Scholarship. Wow! That is a truly amazing achievement. Well done Eva.

This week has been filled with numerous exciting events; not least of which was a visit by Reception to Pizza Express in Alresford. I am sure we can find the educational value in this one, but the children were very pleased to devour the results of their efforts…   Year 1 had an interesting walk around Twyford Village, and Year 2 were presented with a whole range of interesting science challenges at Intech. Our sporting output for the week is impressive once again, with matches against Cheam, Farleigh, KES, Portsmouth Grammar School, Stroud and Westbourne House, numbering 49 Twyford teams fielded across the whole week.

Tomorrow we start the morning with my Headmaster’s Drop-In session (8.15 am – 8.45 am, immediately followed by the Pupil Welfare Group Meeting. Both events are open to everyone. Please do come to one or other (or both!).

      Matrons' Notes
        General Information

        Emails sent to Parents this week:

        21/09   To: Year 7 Parents; From: Mr Welham; Re: Maths & Art Trip to Oxford

        22/09   To: Prep;  From: Mr Owens; Re: Harvest Service

        26/09   To: Prep & Pre-Prep; From: TPA; Re: Twyford Fireworks Night

        26/09   To: Prep & Pre-Prep; From: Mrs Johnston; Re: PWG Meeting 30/09

        Dr Bailey's Enigma

        Answer to last week’s Enigma:

        Four parts in two cuts are easy, cut across twice as usual. Now just cut the cake horizontally (split the bottom and top part).

        This week’s Enigma:

        This week I’d like you to try to make as many different English words out of the letters of ‘Twyford School’. If you can make more than 10 words, please write them all down and hand them in to Mrs Bellasis for me to see.

        Safety and Security

        • Would all users of the newly installed gate between the playing fields and Hazeley Road please close it after use.
        • This week we had difficulty with access to the School for visiting coaches.  Please do not park on the sides of the internal road, particularly at the exit. 

        Date Reminder

        Pupil Welfare Group Meeting this Saturday and 8.45 am - 10 am in the Old Dining Room.   The topic for this meeting will be Pastoral Care and the Pastoral Structure in school – Who can I talk to?

        Everyone is welcome.

        Weekly Diary