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 With a week of colder but dry weather, we have been able to pursue our full programme. Nothing was going to interfere with the Year 7 exams in the first days of the week.

In addition to the 21 teams put out in various sports this week, including great success in several tournaments. Our Ballet group attended Sleeping Beauty at the Mayflower Theatre, Year 2 visited the Medina Mosque and one Year 3 class went climbing.

In our music, the last two semi-finals took place of the House Competition, with Mozzies and Wasps determining the last few places for the Finals Day.

Tomorrow, Saturday, we have our Middle School Family Chapel service. While this is a completely routine event, it is certainly going to be different, as David Hall, Director of Music, is leading the service. Please do join us for coffee in the Mulberry Pavilion form 8.00 am, and for the service starting at 8.30 am.

We have had lots of children, and some staff, suffering from illness recently. I do hope this is not going to grow as a complication for normal operation, but we have already had a few sports teams curtailed by children’s ailments. Please keep matrons up to date on how everyone is, so that we can look after their welfare at all times. Let’s hope for this to blow over soon.

Half term is looming at the end of next week. While most will revel in the freedom away from school, I know that Year 8 will need to put in  a bit of study time in order to be prepared for their mock exams just after our return. 

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      Year 8 Exam Timetables

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      Scholar Exams



      Please join us for our Family Service this Saturday 3rd February for Middle School, when the speaker will be Mr Hall.

      As usual, refreshments will be available in the pavilion before the services, which will start at 8.30 a.m.

      Our next service will be on Saturday 24th February for Upper School, when the speaker will be Revd C Case, Senior Chaplain at Charterhouse.

      We look forward to welcoming you.

      David Owens


      Emails sent to parents this week:

      29/01 To: Yrs 3,4,5,6 Parents; From: Mr Goldsmith; Re: Cancelling Swimming Fixture

      31/01To: Year 7 Parents; From: Mrs Stamidou; Re: Trip To Winchester Museum



      It's nearly time for Ashley Wright, a member of our Sports Department, to admirably take on the London Marathon 2018 challenge for a SECOND time having completed the event last April! This time Mr Wright is running to raise money for the The Brain Tumour Charity. 

      If you would like support Ashley please visit here. 








      Dr Bailey's Enigma

      Answers to last week’s Enigma:
      Algology = algae/seaweed Barology = weight
      Carpology = fruit
      Cardiology = heart
      Dendrology = trees
      Entomology = insects
      Ethnology = races of mankind
      Etymology = origins of words
      Gerontology = old age
      Graphology = character of people derived from handwriting
      Herpetology = reptiles
      Hymnology = sleep
      Icthyology = fish
      Oology = birds eggs 
      Ornithology = birds 
      Philology = language   
      Palaeontology = fossils  
      Rhinology = noses  
      Speleology = caves  
      Toxicology = poisons 
      Vulcanology = volcanoes

      This Week’s Enigma:
      In "The Hobbit" by J. R. R. Tolkien, there are several funny riddles that Gollum and Bilbo ask each other. Can you solve any of these by finding the one word being described for each riddle?

      1. Alive without breath,
      As cold as death;
      Never thirsty, ever drinking,
      All in mail never clinking.

      2. Voiceless it cries,
      Wingless flutters,
      Toothless bites,
      Mouthless mutters. 

      3. What has roots as nobody sees,
      Is taller than trees.
      Up, up, up it goes,
      And yet never grows?

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