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Congratulations are in order again to: Grace Thompson on being awarded a Sports Scholarship to Godolphin School, and Lucia Kendall on being awarded a Sports Scholarship to St Swithun’s School. Well done girls.

On Saturday senior pupils and parents were given an insight to the work of the Naomi House charity, located in  Sutton Scotney. The School Council has chosen to support this local charity by donating the collections form our Carol Services, to help with their work. Lisa Justice, volunteer Ambassador,  returned to us on Saturday, explaining the progress of the latest re-fit and decoration, which were the result of a specific fundraising campaign beyond their routine operating costs. I know that everyone in Chapel could sense the support and relief that Naomi House provides for the children and especially for their families.

The afternoon then proceeded as usual, with 22 sports matches all against Highfield. The new week opened musically, with the Wasps having their House Music Semi-Finals. Again, a large number of soloists performed in the three age categories, with three from each group being selected for the Finals, this coming Wednesday. The Finals will be judged by Mr David Thomas, Director of Music at Winchester College. The new format for the House Music seems to be going well, and the separation of the House Singing into an additional event has been welcomed by many.

While Wednesday meant another very busy round of sporting fixtures for most pupils, Year 4 girls were able to dedicate the afternoon to one of our Twyford Explorers’ Bushcraft sessions. The sports fixtures encompassed matches and tournaments against: Portsmouth Grammar School, Hampshire Collegiate School, Highfield School, Westbourne House, Lambrook School and Yateley Manor School. I am glad I am not responsible for the various travel arrangements and diary bookings!

Yesterday saw Year 3 taking their English Speaking Board Junior Grade 1 assessments, which we hope have gone well. The Pre-Prep held their School Council representative elections. The day was completed with this term’s TPA Talking Heads event: Dr Tim Hands, Headmaster of Winchester College spoke about: ‘Children: the history and essence of a liberal British education’. The audience of 50 or more parents was very attentive, and lively in their questioning, as Dr Hands took us through the development of our education system from the medieval period to the modern day – identifying the emergence of two strands of independent and state schooling, with their differing ethos and outlook.

This morning we have experienced our first Open Morning for prospective parents, with about 15 families coming to see us at work (in our natural habitat?). We are conscious that there are probably several very local families who just don’t know about us, and this has been an interesting way of opening up access. 

A request to all parents of Prep pupils: please provide written communication, or email, if your child has a reason for being off games. There is a real problem emerging from children presenting themselves at Matron’s saying they should be off games, and that parents ‘have said so…’. We cannot therefore know specifically what is wrong with the child, and what limitations there are on their participation. It will be obvious that other difficulties are created by late notification: some fixtures can be in jeopardy if we cannot raise teams, and opposition may already be on the road. But there have also been instances recently where parents have had no knowledge of any ailment affecting a child’s inability to play a match or take part in games/PE. There may be an element of children ‘swinging the lead’ on this one, so we will only now respond to formal notification from parents direct, and not to pupils passing on verbal messages.

I am very pleased to be able to announce that  Mr Ben Vessey, Headmaster of a Canford School, will speak at our TPA Talking Heads next term.

Please come along to my Headmaster’s Drop In session tomorrow morning (8.15 am to 8.45 am) in the Sports Pavilion. We guarantee good company and refreshments. Any subject can be open for discussion.

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        Dr Bailey's Enigma

        Answer to last week's Enigma:

        This week’s Engima:

        Window Flower Boxes

        Mary and three other women had flower boxes in windows on either side of their front doors and each woman planted a different type of flower in her window flower boxes (one woman planted petunias).


        1. The four women - Julie, Ms. Drake, Ms. Evans, and the woman who planted daisies, all belong to the same gardening club.

        2. The woman who planted violets in her flower boxes isn’t Kate.

        3. Ms. Drake isn’t the woman who planted marigolds.

        4. Ms. Florez, who didn’t plant violets, is married to Lola’s brother.

        5. Marigolds were not the flower of choice for Julie.

        6. Kate, whose surname isn’t Evans, didn’t plant daisies in her window flower boxes.

        From the clues above, can you determine the first name and last name (one is Gumble) of each woman and the type of flower each woman planted?


        Did You Know?

        Answer to last week's "Did You Know" is Mr Welham.

        This week's Did You Know?

        There is a link this week to the RSPB Big Bird Watch which is happening at the weekend.  This teacher is football mad and has had a Saints season ticket since 1992 as well as an Eastleigh season ticket since 2008. He/she has visited in excess of 80 football league and non-league grounds in the UK watching both teams!

        This person is very enthusiastic about bird watching and their favourite rare bird is the Dartford Warbler which was actually featured on Winter watch last week and can be seen at RSPB Arne.  WHO AM I?

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