Reflections of the show from Year 7 Pupils

Florence – I liked the whole experience, and I particularly enjoyed the songs. I learnt how to sit patiently and not talk for two hours. 

Emily S – I liked when Amelia get put into a trunk by pirates! I really enjoyed the actions to the songs and the play in general. I learnt patience and that despite having a small role, it was equally as important. I really liked the part where Hugo and Ed did their fight scene together, when they were spinning the stick around. 

Finlay PT – When I came on and spoke my part in the song, because I could actually do it infront of an entire audience. I learnt to not always be nervous, by facing fears, never giving up and practising. My favourite bit was Jonty’s solo song, because it sounded really good and I liked what words were in the song. I learnt another role quickly a few days before and I could do it. Charlie S.

Arthur – My favourite bit about the play was the scene where Fergus and Seb did their ‘Stuck With You’ song, because it was really well coordinated. I really enjoyed learning how to use the lighting desk.

Rory T – My favourite part of the show was the elephant bit, because it was elephantee. I learnt that a sound system is very confusing but I learnt how to use it, which was enthusiastically brilliant.

Harry M – My favourite part of the show was running across the stage on all fours howling as a wolf. I learnt that I needed to be organised in the wings to make it easier for me and my crew to do a good job.

Sasha – My favourite bit was the end of the play when everybody sang, because it was fun. I learnt my lines.

Charlie C – My favourite part of the play was my part, because it brought out a side of my characteristics which I didn’t know I ever had. I learnt that Mrs Freeland-Searle is awesome. 

Freddie C – My favourite part of the show was being helpful backstage with props. I learnt backstage is very valuable.

Wilf L – I really enjoyed the play it was a fantastic experience. It has also given me a lot of confidence. The play was really fun and it felt really good to be part of a thriving and successful team.

Violet P – Thank you for making such an amazing play and I loved being Aouda so much and all my solos.