Our School Trip To The Ancient Technology Center By Lottie Whiteley

The Year 4’s of Twyford School have just paid a visit to the Ancient Technology Centre, a place where they have recreated the magic of the Saxon and Viking eras. We have been learning about the Anglo Saxons, and a little bit about the Vikings in lessons at school so this was the perfect place to visit.

When everyone arrived in school, and everything was ready, we started to pack the coach. When we arrived at the Ancient Technolgy Centre, we were all called over to tell us what we were going to be doing. We split into two big groups, and we were sent to our different places, and we had a safety talk in our groups.

Then, in our big groups we got split into 3 smaller groups, my group did blacksmithing, weaving, & cutting firewood. In blacksmithing we made a pin that you would put through a cloak or cape.  My favourite activity was blacksmithing because apparently, I was very good at hitting the meta!  It was one of the best school trips ever and I hope to go again soon!

Our School Trip by Holly Surtees

Last Wednesday Year 4 went to the Ancient Technology Centre. We were all in small groups and completed the following activities.

The forge blacksmithing:

Some of the Year 4’s went to the forge where you could do blacksmithing. Here we made a little tool that the Saxons would have used. To make it you had to hammer the tool when it was red hot so it would be pointy. We were told that the tool was a little peg that went through your cloak so it would not fall off you when you were running around.

Cutting wood for the fire:

A small group went to do wood cutting and what they did was get a branch from the pile and put it on a wooden sawhorse. We needed to cut the wood, so it was the length of your arm as this size was needed for the fire. When you got to the end of the branch when there was only a thin bit left you would use another tool that would chop the last bit of the branch in half.