Twyford Parents Association

The Twyford Parents’ Association (TPA) committee organises social events to enrich and grow the whole Twyford School community – it is a very important and much-valued part of life at Twyford.

The TPA was founded in 1983 with the aim of bringing together the parents, children and staff of the school through various social activities and later established the invaluable year reps system. Some of the events organised by the TPA cater for the whole family and staff (Fireworks Night, Christmas Fair, Twyford’s Got Talent and Summer Extravaganza) some for staff and parents (Quiz, Prep and Pre-Prep Parents’ Drinks) and some just for the children (School Discos). There is also a fundraising ball held every three years.

The TPA is an integral part of school life.  A support structure that continually strives to enrich a family’s experience of being part of the Twyford Community.

Further information on the Twyford TPA can be found here on our secure portal