At Twyford we believe wholeheartedly that outdoor learning is key to nurturing a healthy mind and body. This philosophy is at the core of ‘Twyford Explorers’, our comprehensive outdoor learning programme.

Within our grounds we have extensive woodland where children can explore the natural world. Our bespoke woodland shelter is popular as an outdoor learning centre, a location for pitching tents, a venue for evening stories and a gathering point for woodland projects. Children often cook around the fire pit, make pitta bread or toast marshmallows.


A key part of our Twyford Explorers programme is teaching bushcraft skills to enable the children to enjoy the great outdoors safely and confidently. Carefully designed for children right through from Nursery to Year 8, this programme encompasses many elements, both within the school grounds and off site, with the level of taught skills gaining complexity as children move up  through the School.

The Pre-Prep children follow our Forest School woodland programme. In the Prep School, our programme extends to outdoor pursuits that include residential adventure training trips, which increase both in length and skill base as the children advance through the School. During their time at Twyford, children will experience climbing, orienteering, sailing and canoeing trips to places such as:

Year 3 – Foxlease, Hampshire
Year 4 – Calshot, Hampshire
Year 5 – Ferny Crofts, New Forest
Year 6 – Campfire Wild Adventures, Buckinghamshire
Year 7 – Outward Bound, Aberdovey, Wales
Year 8 – Ponte di Legno, Lombardy (Italy)