Twyford School can lay claim to being the oldest preparatory school in the country, but don’t be misled by the traditional outlook of the physical settings. At play in all aspects of school life is a successful blend of tradition and modernity with a forward thinking approach to education.  

Every child has unique gifts and we believe that the overtly positive and encouraging educational environment which exists at Twyford will enable our pupils to flourish. A pupil at Twyford is part of an extended family where an emphasis is placed on nurturing and engaging our children to become creative and independent learners who thrive on curiosity and imagination. We encourage our children to enjoy their learning opportunities and have the confidence to embrace change and challenges.



We are a school that is ambitious but supportive, challenging but nurturing, forward thinking but proud of our 200 year history.

The curriculum challenges and excites, encouraging and enticing children to be active participants.   Recognising where a little more support is needed or the opportunity to stretch themselves beyond the curriculum, is all in the mix.  There is never a dull moment and something for everyone at Twyford: in creative learning, on the sports fields, in the outdoors through Twyford Explorers, in drama, music and art, in swimming, languages or through our everyday dynamic timetable.

Every teacher at Twyford shares a deep passion for the education and happiness of our children. Understanding that mental and physical development happen at different stages for different children is at the heart of a Twyford education.  We shape and nurture every individual child’s learning journey throughout their time here by building confidence, nurturing creative thinking, harnessing engagement and enthusiasm towards learning. Encouraging children to feel proud of who they are and confident in what they do is at the heart of our academic success.

We are extremely proud of our academic record. Every year children achieve scholarships in a wide range of fields including academic, sports, music, art and drama. We have an impressive record of getting children into their school of choice and a reputation for giving good advice on the most suitable schools for the nature of the child.



The School has an excellent Learning Enhancement Department, with specialist teachers in Prep and Pre-Prep who work very closely with families to determine the most appropriate academic support for children. This department bases itself around ‘The Hub’, which is a unique, central space available to all children. Open during break and lunchtime all children are welcomed into this informal, lively environment where they can further explore learning through play, independent self-checking learning activities and other resources. Because every child can come to The Hub, it is very much thought of as part of the whole school and a natural place to spend time.

We focus on the little things that make each child’s learning journey rewarding, balanced and challenging within a caring school. A Twyford education is a happy and engaging one. With so many opportunities to enjoy and explore, this is a wonderful place to embark upon life’s great adventure.

"Pupils are extremely well educated, in line with the school’s aims to develop each individual’s strengths and to engender a love of learning…They are curious about their surroundings, express themselves clearly and learn how to take risks safely in outdoor activities." ISI 2022