Twyford Parents Association (TPA)

Twyford School is renowned for its welcoming, inclusive, and happy community.

To support this, the Twyford Parents Association (TPA) was established to organise social events for parents, children, and staff.  These events bring everyone together to build a strong sense of community and connection, thus create lasting memories and meaningful relationships.   Additionally, the TPA runs a supportive network of Year Group Representatives who assist in the everyday parent communications.

Twyford School annual events which cater for the whole family and staff include Fireworks Night, the Christmas Fair, and Summer Extravaganza and provide a great opportunity for everyone to come together and enjoy time as a community. The Quiz night, Prep and Pre-Prep Drinks, and Summer Ball specifically cater to staff and parents, allowing them to socialize and build relationships outside of the regular school environment. The school Discos organized exclusively for the children provides a fun and exciting experience for them to enjoy with their peers.

Although not the primary purpose, the annual TPA events do typically raise a small amount of funds. These are used to support specific small projects that would not normally be funded from school budgets and that will benefit either pupils or parents at the school (or both).  Small projects can be put forward for funding by anyone in the Twyford community via the bids system. Periodically the TPA has also organised events that have a specific fund-raising purpose including the most recent Summer Ball which was in support of The Wickham Foundation, Twyford’s new bursary scheme for local children from underprivileged backgrounds. The TPA also supports the school in its fund-raising initiatives for the nominated school charity each year as chosen by the pupils and all funds raised at the Christmas Cracker are donated to this charity.

The TPA committee comprises about 14 parent volunteers, joined by staff from both the Prep and Pre-Prep.  Within each school year there are additionally two- or three-year representatives (year reps) who help support TPA events, arrange activities for their own year group and welcome new parents into our community.  Parent volunteers run the second-hand uniform shop which provides a very busy and popular service as well as funding to the “bid system”.

The TPA aims to enrich and grow the whole Twyford School community – it is a very important and much-valued part of life at Twyford.

I would like to welcome you to the Twyford community. If you would like to find out more, or simply to volunteer, please do get in touch on

Jim Morgan

TPA Chair