Art & Design

The Art and Design departments are housed in light, spacious, purpose-built studios, where pupils are encouraged to explore and nurture ideas to produce a wide range of paintings, drawings, sculptures and  models.  In ceramic work, children enjoy the excitement of seeing their pieces fired in the School’s own kiln. 

Pupils are given the freedom to experiment with a wide range of media to develop their creative ideas and artistic paths in a supportive and encouraging atmosphere. These opportunities also extend beyond the classroom to school trips, where children can investigate all kinds of media, while developing  the practical skills needed to create their own  images and artefacts.

As part of the After School Clubs programme, pupils of all ages are given the chance to join groups that focus on a range of different artistic skills. From Year 6 onwards, potential art scholars are given the opportunity to attend further targeted sessions, where they continue to develop their own styles and interests in a creative and bespoke environment.


Our Design, Technology and Engineering Department is located in the same building and focuses on practical tasks using a ‘Design, Make, Evaluate’ approach towards problem solving activities. In the workshop, each project increases in complexity and requires the pupil to learn new skills and techniques. These include developing their own dexterity and confidence through traditional hand skills, electronics, engineering, and the use of Computer Aided Design (CAD).

There is a passion amongst many children at Twyford for DTE, whether working individually or as part of the team.  Extra time is allocated for Year 8 DT Scholarship sessions each year, while Clubs provide opportunities for pupils to explore in more depth topics such as Engineering, Robotics, CAD/CAM, or to develop creative works of their choice.