The Prep Day

A timetable filled with engaging classes provides the day’s structural foundation, while a vibrant and enriching array of activities creates a lively and stimulating evironment ensuring each day is both diverse and fun for the children.

It’s the big game of hide and seek on a summer’s evening, a visit to the Headmaster when you’ve achieved something to be proud of, the all-in game of Court cricket at break time. It is cooking a favourite meal in the great outdoors, getting your hands dirty in the woods, the chance for every Year 8 pupil to take responsibility and feel recognised.  We like to go that little bit further to make every day memorable.

Last academic year, we restructured the format of the School day, ensuring the child is at the heart of our educational approach to allow families to better balance home and school life.  Children now have the choice to leave school at the end of lessons or to immerse themselves in one or two of our diverse and expanded After School Clubs.  Additionally, they have the option to undertake their preparatory work (prep) either at home or within the school environment.

We pride ourselves on offering a broad spectrum of After School Clubs and activities, ensuring each child finds an area where they can shine and explore their interests. Beyond our customary academic, sports, and arts offerings, we now also provide opportunities in gardening, water polo, orienteering, cookery, mountain biking, climbing, and robotics, among others.

By nurturing confidence within each child and their abilities, we encourage active participation in all aspects of school life hoping to enrich every child’s educational experience and personal development.

Daily Routine

Time Activity
8.00 – 8.10am Registration for Years 6, 7, 8
8.10 – 8.20am Registration for Years 3, 4, 5
8.20 – 4.20pm The School Day
4.20pm First pick-up time if children not staying for Clubs or Prep
4.30 – 5.15pm 1st Club session (chargeable for Year 3)
5.15pm Second pick up  time if children are not staying for 2nd Club session
5.15 – 6.00pm 2nd Club or Prep session (chargeable for Years 3 and 4)
6.00pm Final pick up time for pupils not boarding


Optional Saturday school starts from Year 4 and is compulsory from Year 6 onwards.  Saturday Activities Programme (SAPs):

Time Activity
8.40 – 8.50am Registration
8.55 – 10.25am Saturday Activities Programme session 1 for Years 4 and 5
8.55 – 10.25pm Lessons 1 and 2 for Years 6,7,8
10.25 -10.50pm Break
10.50 – 12.20pm Saturday Activities Programme 2 for Years 4 and 5
10.50 – 12.20pm Saturday Activities Programme or Visiting Speaker for Years 6,7,8
12.20pm Lunch
2.30pm Matches