24 hour non-stop Staff relay 04.06.2021

Inspired by Captain Tom, the Staff had challenged themselves to a non-stop 24 hour relay “The Moveathon”, raising money for the current School charity: The Wessex Cancer trust. A gazebo was set up outside by the carpark containing an exercise bike, a treadmill and a rowing machine; the staff could select their exercise format! Pippa Higham, Year 4 teacher and Head of our Charities took to the exercise bike at 8am on Thursday 27th May, the relay continued throughout the day and Headmaster Andrew Harvey rowed the team across the finish line at 8am the following day.

Throughout the day, the children enjoyed seeing and supporting their teachers and support staff put through their paces during their 45 minute slots. With a team of 32 there were a variety of activities challenged. Many cycled, some rowed, a few ran on the treadmill. Mr Mathar and Mr Goldsmith chose to run round the cross-country course at School and were seen flanked and supported by different year groups who were out at break. The real heroes were those who took the night-time slots. To name a few, Mr Ford ran from his home to school and back in a double slot of 1 hour 30 min, Mrs Digby cycled through the Hampshire sunrise. Joe Wicks was put to work at 2am, 3am by those at home and together we made it through the full 24 hours! With huge thanks for the wonderful cheering and support from the children and the parents driving through the carpark, we have raised a brilliant £4,016 with some donations still being given! There was a fabulous atmosphere around the school!