10 months ago we embarked on a remessaging and rebranding exercise. From the outset we wanted this to be a reflective and collaborative process.   A mix of children from various year groups, staff, Governors, parents, grandparents were involved in 3 stages of interviews to better understand the beliefs, expectations, culture and values, the positives and negatives, that shape the Twyford personality.

This research formed the basis on which a new vision, under the relatively new Headship of Andrew Harvey, was developed.  The intention was to build on the current foundations of success and, areas of identified improvement, into an evolved and dynamic brand of education; to create a nurturing and thriving learning environment where everything is in one place, where there is room to make mistakes and the space to put them right; a place offering each and every child a complete education.

At the start of term we proudly launched to the Twyford community this vision, our new brand, an exciting film and prospectus and the direction this School is travelling.

It’s All Here.

Twyford. The Complete Education.

Our role here at Twyford is to give each child the most complete education – academic, cultural, emotional, physical – so that they, each and every one, can have the best start at living their best life, for themselves and for others. It is as simple as that.