Twyford Explorers

The rack of wellies outside Forest Lodge is testament to our love of the great outdoors. Learning takes place both inside and outside the classroom, taking full advantage of the wonderful facilities and our outdoor woodland classroom.

The Pre-Prep curriculum extends to weekly woodland projects that involve exploring and questioning nature, rain or shine! Our ‘Come Rain Come Shine’ program combines daily outdoor play and learning, which ensures that children not only have “outstanding physical skills.” (ISI Report 2013) but are also exploring nature around them.

The children love learning outdoors and our woodland shelter and firepit are hubs for stories, learning and activities. Gathering around the campfire toasting marshmallows, drinking hot chocolate or eating toast is a highlight, especially when parents, grandparents and guardians join us.

Our teachers often link their outdoor learning to specific class topics and relevant trips. For example, Year 2 collect and whittle sticks to make their own bows and arrows linked to their archery and heraldic research topic. Reception and Year 1 explore outdoor art at the Royal Victoria Country Park and at the Sustainability Centre. Trips to Hillier Gardens are always popular for work on flora and fauna, plant classification and pond dipping.