Scholarship News 24.04.2024

We are immensely proud of all those who took on the challenge of applying for scholarships last term. Twyford pupils went for an impressive 18 awards in academics, sports, music, art, and drama in the Spring Term.  The application process can be daunting and demanding, but it’s a journey that builds self-discipline, resilience, and a strong work ethic, while growing skills and knowledge, and boosting self-belief.

To all those who applied but didn’t quite make it, we applaud your effort. Remember, tackling difficult challenges means facing setbacks. With Twyford’s full support, dust yourself off, hold your head high, and look ahead to the next challenge.  To those who applied and succeeded, congratulations! You’ve laid an excellent foundation for future success, but, for now, allow yourself to experience the satisfaction of having achieved your goal.  And finally, to those who have yet to hear or sit their scholarship exams, good luck!

To date the 2024 Scholars are:

Amelia; Academic and Art – Canford

Ella; Academic and Music – Canford

Douglas; Sport – Dauntsey’s

Frederick; Sport – Forest Sandle Manor

Matilda; Academic – Godolphin

Rory; Sport and DT – Sherborne

Rosie; Sport – King Edward VI School


Here are a few things they shared about the scholarship experience:

“The scholarship process helped me realise where my strengths and weaknesses were and what to focus on and after the scholarship I had a massive boost in confidence.”

“For DT I really enjoyed working with all the tools and loved the after school clubs working on fun projects and creating my portfolio. I felt really proud presenting my work.”

“Have an open mind and and just enjoy the experience and not to worry about it”.

“That you should always take the opportunity to go for something and be positive about trying to test yourself.”


What advice would you give to someone thinking of taking a scholarship?

“Go for it! The day was really great fun and playing alongside my peers built up my confidence, helping me realise if I pushed myself I could hit the mark.”

“Go for it, it’s great fun. You don’t know if you will get it but you will never know if you don’t try.”

“You need to be passionate about the subject so you can really drive and push for that extra mile.”