#twyfordtogether 18.01.2021

At Twyford, we continue our commitment to delivering a full and varied online remote learning programme in both Pre-Prep and Prep. Despite the short notice provided by the Government we were well prepared for the national lockdown and hit the ground running with our online remote learning programme!

In the Prep School, the day follows the normal timetable (with a few tweaks) and the teachers deliver live online lessons via Google Classrooms; each child has a Chromebook. Tasks and work are set, and to relieve screen time, enrichment activities, be that Drama, Art, DT, Music or Sport are set as tasks away from the screen. The Sports team have created a series of brilliant challenges and videos of their attempts can be seen on our instagram and facebook channels! With daily form time, weekly assemblies and tutor time, we are in touch with the children and can keep the daily dialogue flowing.

In Pre-Prep, the day is made up of a mix of live lessons and pre-recorded lessons to be as flexible as possible for our families. Every day starts with a live Form time to say hello and to set up for the day and each day ends with a live story session read by different teachers!  Work and photos are shared through our online platform Tapestry.
A real highlight of the week are the Friday Celebration Assembly and our live ‘Show and Tell’ group sessions – noisy and fun! Year 2 even had a Fire Safety Session with the Hampshire Fire & Rescue team.

Catch up sessions with the Headmaster are being held for all parents, by year group, by Zoom. We are delighted to be looking after our keyworker children, who follow the online learning programme within School. More than ever, we are so proud of our strength of community #twyfordtogether

We are so impressed with how quickly you have responded to provide such a comprehensive remote learning schedules for our children. We are immensely grateful for the effort that this must have taken” Years 6 & 4