Storm in the Harbour

Moody clouds spilled across the never-ending sky,
A raging storm rung a golden bell of warning.
Army boats swiftly ran into the motherly harbour, looking for shelter.

Seaweed desperately hung to jagged rocks like a frightened toddler
Clinging to his mother.

Rain throws itself at the tired soggy sad sand.
Waves made themselves heard as they bombarded
The white chalk cliffs at Dover.

Swimming up to the scared shore, the occasional waterlogged guns
Spluttered out bits of lead.
Seagulls squawked with delight as an ice-cream lost its balance,
Toppled onto the wet floor.

Vivid green ships trembled in their rocking berths,
Crying gently.

Then ever so suddenly,
All was calm.

By Marinna Fox Robinson

The House

Violent winds licked the mountain,
Rocks crawled down the steep

Snow screamed barbarously
As it scrambled towards
The house.

Boulders rioted as
Floorboards yelped
Bang! Crash!

Desolate mountains stared
At the house.
Snow ripped out the guts
The final blow came…

He gasped in fright:
It was only a dream?

By Ollie Tucker

The Mysterious Junkyard

Broken cars sobbed,
As the
Compactor smirked,
Crushed cars screaming.

Chain mail gate
Snarled as cars tried to escape.

Crane laughed
As it
Flung cars around.

Little lonely workshop cried,
New cars pulled into the junkyard,
Begged for mercy.

By Milo Morrall